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Filme Seriale Online Subtitrate Gratis In Limba Romana

Sâmbătă, 2020-10-31
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  • Travian

    Travian is a building strategy game set in the period of classic antiquity. Gamers take the part of being chief of a village of either Romans, Gauls or Germans. Each nation has its own advantages and disadvantages. Right after registration, gamers start building their village up from only one main building and few fields for producing ressources. As soon as gamers have erected the first few basic buildings, interaction with other gamers becomes possible. There are alliances to forge, a market place for trading, and wars to be waged with the help of trained units.
    Titlu: Multiuser | Vizualizari: 1813 | Data: 2011-02-07 |Voturi: 3.0/2 | Comentarii: (0) ||Home>>>

    Farmerama is country livin' at its best. Cultivate, fertilize and harvest your land. Raise livestock and trade with other farmers. Rule the roost in this online farming game.
    Titlu: Multiuser | Vizualizari: 1483 | Data: 2011-02-07 |Voturi: 3.0/2 | Comentarii: (0) ||Home>>>
  • Seafight

    Hoist the Jolly Roger and fight for glory at sea! Take the plunge and experience adventure. Arm your cannons for action, Cap'n - it's a pirate's life for thee.
    Titlu: Multiuser | Vizualizari: 1349 | Data: 2011-02-07 |Voturi: 1.0/1 | Comentarii: (0) ||Home>>>
  • DarkOrbit

    Buckle up for the final frontier: action-packed space battles, evil aliens, unknown phenomena and tricky missions await you in DarkOrbit!
    Titlu: Multiuser | Vizualizari: 1345 | Data: 2011-02-07 |Voturi: 1.0/1 | Comentarii: (0) ||Home>>>
  • K.O. Champs

    Step into the red corner at K.O. CHAMPS! Are you a true boxer at heart? If so, then the ring is all yours - let the club's toughest match begin! Will it be a quick knockout victory? Or will you last a full 10 rounds?
    Titlu: Multiuser | Vizualizari: 1340 | Data: 2011-02-07 |Voturi: 1.0/1 | Comentarii: (0) ||Home>>>
  • Gangs of Crime

    Win the upper hand in the bloody family feud and become Godfather in Little Italy. Start your online gangster career now: It's your turn to be the mightiest Mafia boss ever!
    Titlu: Multiuser | Vizualizari: 1320 | Data: 2011-02-07 |Voturi: 1.0/1 | Comentarii: (1) ||Home>>>
  • Deepolis

    Dive in: Fight in deep-sea battles and explore a fascinating underwater world. Conquer the sea and join your confederation in its fight for a better future. Full speed ahead!
    Titlu: Multiuser | Vizualizari: 1295 | Data: 2011-02-07 |Voturi: 1.0/1 | Comentarii: (0) ||Home>>>
  • XBlaster

    Pick your target and pilot your battle bot into XBlaster's arena of the future. High-tech fights with sci-fi weapon systems await you in this action shooter!
    Titlu: Multiuser | Vizualizari: 1283 | Data: 2011-02-07 |Voturi: 1.0/1 | Comentarii: (0) ||Home>>>
  • Hellblades

    Hardcore helicopter firefights: Join the HellBlades Corps, take down enemy targets and scour the battlefield. Serve your nation and win the war!
    Titlu: Multiuser | Vizualizari: 1282 | Data: 2011-02-07 |Voturi: 1.0/1 | Comentarii: (0) ||Home>>>
  • Damoria

    The online construction and management simulation game: Trade, fight, conquer and settle adjoining lands. Create your own empire!
    Titlu: Multiuser | Vizualizari: 1281 | Data: 2011-02-07 |Voturi: 1.0/1 | Comentarii: (0) ||Home>>>
  • War of Titans

    Can you hear your enemies calling? Spread fear and terror throughout the land and become the strongest gladiator of all time. Travel to new cities and provinces and compete in action-packed duels and battles!
    Titlu: Multiuser | Vizualizari: 1273 | Data: 2011-02-07 |Voturi: 1.0/1 | Comentarii: (0) ||Home>>>
  • MG Hockey

    Off the couch and into training! It's time for a powerplay. Manage and train your own team and show the pros you've got what it takes. Score a hat-trick and win the cup!
    Titlu: Multiuser | Vizualizari: 1232 | Data: 2011-02-07 |Voturi: 1.0/1 | Comentarii: (0) ||Home>>>
  • MG Soccer

    Good-bye benchwarming, hello team management. Train your own soccer team and win the cup! Take on the role of manager: It's not any easy job, but somebody's got to do it - have you got what it takes?
    Titlu: Multiuser | Vizualizari: 1224 | Data: 2011-02-07 |Voturi: 0.0/0 | Comentarii: (0) ||Home>>>